Alien Winter — III

Wind rips through
the city,
shredding silence
into nameless
Tall glass buildings
gather the echoes.

Freezing rain cloaks
the city in
a haze.
Crystal droplets
remain suspended
like sticky sorrow.

And then, rain
pours down.
Washing away sleet,
the smell of barbeque sauce,
arresting speed.
The city retreats
under umbrellas
shivering in their
coloured skins.

Alien Winter — I
Alien Winter — II


6 thoughts on “Alien Winter — III

  1. Never found this season so aptly painted, Bhaswati. By the way, it fits into the climate we have here right now!

  2. Achyut, you echo my thoughts. Winter seems to be so obstinately present that I am wondering if we will have a summer this year (spring is out of the question, of course).

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