Author: Amiya Sen


The Kitchen

Dashrath’s Dinner Party

Nirmala Boudi and the Bureaucracy

Author: Somendranath Bandopadhyay

In Conversation with Ramkinkar — I

In Conversation with Ramkinkar — II

Cutting Through Mountains to Build a Statue

Playing with the Fire of Creation

Author: Samir Sengupta

At Ramkinkar’s House with Shakti

Shakti’s Singing

Who is Abani, at whose house, and why is he even there?

Thirty-eight Years with Shakti

Author: Tarasankar Bandopadhyay

The Idol

Author: Tarapada Roy

Parama Park Street

Author: Rabindranath Tagore

Letters from a foreign shore

New  Doll

Death’s Grief

Pagol or Madman

End of Year

On a Cloudy Day

Rain’s Letter

Song of the Red Road

First Sorrow

Holiday Preparations

The Path to Walk On

The Alleyway

Wrong Heaven — I

Wrong Heaven — II

Author: Upendrakishore Ray

Tuntuni and the Cat

Author: Subodh Ghosh

The End of Cold War — I

The End of Cold War — II

Author: Sukumar Ray

Pagla Dashu (Crazy Dashu) — I

Pagla Dashu (Crazy Dashu) — II

Author: Harishankar Parsai

Ten-day Fast

Author: Najim Hosain Syed

Mahinaa Katayien ka