Published writings/interviews



Bangladesh Now, Through the Lens of Mostofa Sarwar Farooki (Film review, The Wire)

Book Review: Sumana Roy’s ‘How I Became a Tree’ (Book review, Cafe Dissensus Everyday)

Thwarted Escape review (Book review, Cafe Dissensus Everyday)

London re-lived: The precise affections of a sometimes-lover (Personal travel essay, Coldnoon: Travel Poetics, International Journal of Travel Writing)

In the Heart of the Monster — Eight Days in Mexico City — I (Travelogue, Cafe Dissensus)

In the Heart of the Monster — Eight Days in Mexico City — II (Travelogue, Cafe Dissensus)

Balancing Yin and Yang in Coyoacan (Personal essay, Cafe Dissensus Everyday)

Guest editorial, The Everyday and Other Tagore (Cafe Dissensus)

Parama Park Street (Translation, The Sunflower Collective)

Review of Rivers Run Back (Book review, Cafe Dissensus)

When I had the Plague (Humour essay, Anti Serious)

Patch of sky for hopes to fly (Review essay, DNA)

Between the Map and the Memory (Book Review, Cafe Dissensus)

Marrying the Road (Essay/Book Review, DNA)

The ocean of consciousness (Essay, DNA)

Remembering Kabir amid elections (Essay, DNA)

The Curse of the Missing (Column, Cafe Dissensus)

The fabled crop of winter (Essay, DNA)

Two Weeks in Delhi (Personal essay)

Flickering embers in verse  (Essay)

Secrets and memories (Book review)

When the political is personal and the past, continuous (Book review)

Alice Munro: Marathons in Sprint (Tribute essay)

Where a line is a circle: Toronto (Personal essay)

Shakti’s Singing  (Translated memoir)

Where There is A Will (Play review)

On Durga’s Migrant Trails (Personal essay)

The Four Quarters Magazine Editorial (December 2012 issue)

Martyrs, Marigolds and Mayhem (Book review)

Inside the World of Tagore’s Music (Book review)

Love in Hyderabad (Personal essay)

Ek Kadam Suraj ki Aur (Book review in Hindi)

Freedom in Tagore’s Plays (Feature article)

Friend, True North, Ocean of Life (Feature article)

One Step Towards the Sun (Book review)

Bangladesh At 40: Reminiscences of Those Who Saw it Taking Birth (Feature Article)

Calling in Sick…Permanently (Feature article)

The More The Merrier? (Opinion piece)

How To Write a Good College Application Essay (Feature article)

Visitor from Mars (Feature)

Treaty on Global Warming (Article for Children’s Newsmag)

Rats Race through US Cities (Article for Children’s Newsmag)

Gaseous Twist to the Delphic Legend (Article for Children’s Newsmag)

Chained Inmates of an Asylum Burnt to Death (Article for Children’s Newsmag)

The Joy Ride (Personal essay)


Singing in Dark Times: A Manual For Encoding Dissent (Poem, The Maynard)

Behenji (Poem, Stonecoast Review)

Sunset and Moonrise in Kumaon; Nocturne 3 (two poems in Five2One)

Asavari (Poem, Open Road Review)

Fall (Poem ~ Words, Pauses, Noises)

Thirsty (Poem, Open Road Review)

Living Abroad is Making Do and Make Believe (Poem ~ Words, Pauses, Noises)

Winter Outside a Grocery Story (Poem, P 33, Two Cities Review)

Summer at Victoria Park (Poem)

The Cities (P 83-84) [Poem]



Nirmala Boudi and the Bureaucracy (Translation, Humanities Underground)





Aranyalipi (Translated nonfiction excerpt, Muse India)

The Kitchen (Translated short story)

At Ramkinkar’s House with Shakti (Translated memoir)

New Doll (Translated story)




The Bulldozer (Short Story)


Snow and Coffee (Short story)


The Crater Doesn’t Move (Short Fiction)

Apu’s Homecoming (Short story)

The Gift (Short story)




Interview with Jerry WaxlerPart 1, Part 2


Interview in Leicester Review of Books (Interview)

Interview in South Asia Biz (Interview)