Alien Winter — II

“Let my love like sunlight surround you
and give you illumined freedom.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore

Sunshine isn’t an easy paramour.

In my hometown,
it spills over in
volcanic excess–
scorching land,
human bodies,
cattle and crops,

even as it gently
rocks the hills
with its undulating dance
on terraced tea gardens.

Yet in this frosty city,
it plays hard to get.
Deaf to pleas,
appearing on whim,
the hometown beau
avenges yesterday’s curses
by spurning today’s

Sunshine is a tricky lover.

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15 thoughts on “Alien Winter — II

  1. volcanic excess. Haha. I am waiting for Delhi to bring on the heat!

    Oh and use shift+enter if you are concerned about too much space between the lines. =)

    1. I wish you well, Mihir. I was born in Delhi, but its summer and I scarcely got along. Thanks for the shift+enter tip; the extra space was getting on my nerves.

  2. It spurns our advances here too, Bhaswati. Back home it was more like an avenger than a beau, no? Here, it fights to be known. 😀 Your Alien Winter-I is beautiful too. Thank you.

  3. It spurns our advances here only, Achyut. Back home one shunned it. Referring to it/him as a beau is a result of the distance that now separates us. Glad you liked part I of Alien Winter.

  4. Bhaswati: I never knew you were blogging now instead of writing notes on Facebook otherwise I would have commented much earlier.
    You are most welcome. 🙂

  5. I have been blogging for a long time, Mohsin. Earlier the blog posts used to show up as Notes on FB (some arrangement FB had with blogging platforms); now they don’t. But I am honoured to have your readership in any case. 🙂

    1. Bhaswati: I have always been a fan of your creative writing and would have commented ages ago on all your blogs only IF I had known about it earlier. I will do my best to cover for the loss now. 😉 You are most welcome.
      Hopefully, I too will be blogging from today. Only one problem, I don’t know how to beautify it and add stuff like tags, blogrolls, etc. like you and Achyut do.

  6. Mohsin, I would love to read your blog, should you write one. Just go to and start a blog! It’s easy, and once you start, you will figure out all the bells and whistles one by one. And we are here to help!

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