The Crater Doesn’t Move: Flash Fiction

I’ve stopped sleeping in our bedroom. Without the blare of heavy metal booming out of Shankar’s room, slumber eludes me. I lie on the blue-green cot on the terrace, staring at the sky. Sleep is still absent.

I sit up and light a cigarette—my nemesis and redemption.

Fluffy mounds of cloud shroud the moon. As the cloud masses drift along the darkening horizon, the moon ambles with them. But this isn’t supposed to happen. Doesn’t the moon stay in one place while clouds sweep over it? If this is some strange celestial phenomenon, I will take it. Anything that defies reality.

My smoky mind joins the floating clouds.

Read/listen to the rest in Issue 3 of Open Road Review.


4 thoughts on “The Crater Doesn’t Move: Flash Fiction

  1. Very evocative! (I hope this doesn’t post twice, I had to do a password reset and lot my place) Best wishes to you!

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