Fresh Connections

Just when I thought my blog wasn’t living up enough to connect with readers (I am to blame for that in part–in recent times I have been at best a semi-active blogger), Sid Leavitt of Readers and writers blog, an interactive universe of the written word, as the subtitle says, came with a gentle reassurance. By selecting At Home, Writing as one of the featured blogs on his site, with a kind and affectionate review, Sid told me this blog is still touching a few heartstrings. Always a joy to know that.

Friends, in a blogosphere cramped by barely literate fans fawning over celebrities and barely literate celebrities pandering to fans, there’s a wide open world indeed waiting in weblogs like At Home, Writing.

Even more delightful was discovering the Readers and Writers blog itself, an excellent venue to bring readers and writers together. To have found a place in his blogroll–which features Bernita’s brilliant and classy An Innocent A-Blog–is indeed an honour for me.

Thank you, Sid. For taking At Home to the world.


8 thoughts on “Fresh Connections

  1. We should be thanking you, Bhaswati, for giving us such excellent writing. And thank you also for your kind words about Readers and Writers Blog.

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