‘Tis Home

As you grow up, a few things emerge as your friends for expressing yourself. For some it is art, for others, sport, and for yet others, cooking, stitching, or some sort of craft. For me it was music. From the moment it was discovered my voice could sing in tune, I started loving music. To be able to let my voice dance with the notes of the octave was amongst my greatest pleasures as a child. It still is.

So no, I wasn’t the prodigious toddler who started scribbling amazing poems or stories. Writing emerged as a love much later–only in middle school. And this too, because my English teacher, easily the best I have come across so far (from school to master’s education), started writing notes such as “good” and “well written” at the end of my essays. Now these were compliments to treasure. Our teacher, as good as she was in her job, was a strict taskmaster and wouldn’t dish out compliments that easily. It was primarily because of her encouragement and wonderful teaching style that I began putting in a bit of extra effort in my writing. I was already a voracious reader, thanks to my upbringing at the hands of my grandma (a terrific writer herself), and the newfound joy in writing seemed to harmonize quite naturally.

And that simple joy is the reason behind the title of this blog. As a freelance writer, I do work from home, so the title may be stating the obvious. But there’s a bit more to it. Writing is one of those dimensions of my life that flow with a natural ease. When I write, I am at home. It’s like a song.


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