I have a writer’s blog now. That’s good progress in a year of getting into blogdom. While I’ve been jotting down my forays into the world of food here, this is my first writerly blog. It was time to get one too. With my debut book in the publisher’s hands, I do need a space to talk about writing, networking, and the whole jing bang lot of marketing. I do reckon blogging is one of the best ways to connect with other writers and learn from them. So here I am. Not to say this place is only open to other writers. This is for anyone who would like to drop by.

Come on in, share your wisdom and leave an imprint of your visit here (hint, hint, post a comment).

It’s past midnight here, so I will write a proper post when the sun comes on. Until then, see you all 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hurray!

  1. Hey hey, nice lookin’ blog. I’ll add the link to my site. Thanks for checkin out the preview to my story. It came out today, and was sent out through e-mail to subscribers, but for some reson they haven’t posted the link in their archive yet. Once it is up, I will post the link on my site. A word of warning: the story does get quite graphic.-oni

  2. Thanks, everyone!Cesar, thanks for the positive words. It means the world to me. Lisa, thank you for dropping by and for being such a good cheerleader all the way :)Oni, many thanks for the kind words! I am eager to read your story, the warning notwithstanding. Will be checking your blog to look for it.

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