City Nights


Like a friend who DSC00451
drops by
without notice,
night comes easy–
arriving early,
staying late,
swathing rivers of cars,
lonely alleys
and bodies of lovers
staring at the moon.




After the revelry,
the street–
a night commuter’s
forlorn lover.

Winds beat down
on the asphalt
mocking the drums
that blared moments ago.

The carnival
is over.


6 thoughts on “City Nights

  1. Lovely serenades dear Bhaswati. Poetry is in your system and do keep on writing and posting them on the Net. Fond Regards.

    রঞ্জন খাস্তগীর, কলকাতা ৷

  2. I simply marvel at your choice of words! The imagery, the use of sound, rhythm and the scene you paint for the readers, amazing! I truly learn a lot from you…

    1. Coming from you, Lopa, that means the world to me. I am so glad you like these. Thanks for stopping by. :=))

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