Afternoon Meditations

A year ago, as a potential resident of London, ON, I spent a gorgeous summer afternoon in Victoria Park. My husband was coming to the city for his final round of a job interview, and I tagged along, just in case we didn’t get a chance to visit the city again. Sitting in this expansive park that afternoon, I contemplated what it would be like to live in London. As I complete a year in the forest city, here are my impressions from a summer ago.


A children’s festival is in progress in Victoria Park. I sit on a bench and see squirrels and birds engaging in mini battles over morsels.

Squirrels scamper in ceaseless motion–climbing up and down trees, scurrying across the grass, pausing in wonderment for a few seconds before taking off again.

Dogs, kids in strollers enjoy free walks, rides.

Church bells ring; lunch-goers emerge from offices, heading to big and small eateries to satiate the hunger god.

A man sprawls on the grass, reading a newspaper.

Beside me, on the bench, the pages of a national daily flutter in midsummer’s breeze, letting go of the heaviness of yesterday’s news.

Under a tree, a girl sits alone, ear-phones plugged into her natural audio sockets.

I turn behind and find a brown squirrel looking at me intently.

A young couple sleeps on the grass, embracing each other, oblivious of the world around them.


8 thoughts on “Afternoon Meditations

  1. When I first came to London, Joyce, I had a good 3-4 hours to myself as my husband interviewed for his job. Victoria Park welcomed me like nothing else, and I prayed that we might be allowed to stay in this lovely city. When my husband emerged from his (then) future office with a smile, I felt my prayer at the park had been answered.

  2. We have to visit you and Bhupinder, picnic in Victoria Park. You captured the afternoon beautifully. 😀

  3. How lovely to be in a place with all that peace and quiet all around, with squirrels to give you company. I liked “the pages of a national daily flutter in midsummer’s breeze, letting go of the heaviness of yesterday’s news.”

  4. It is a lovely experience to be in Victoria Park, Rumanaji, especially during spring or summer. I am glad you liked this post.

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