When the moon and the stars loom up there
You glow on the universe of your foliage–
As the world goes to sleep.

Silently you come, without a fuss;
No announcement, no flaunting of beauty
Not any attempt to hold the passerby spellbound.

In the morning, before the world rubs its bleary eyes,
You silently drop down,
No clinging, no worrying
about getting crushed under walking feet.

Yet, you draw us–
By your plain scent,
Your unassuming beauty,
Your amazing way with stopping passersby,
Bringing them down to their knees,
To pick you up gently.

You just smile, silently.

Note: Every autumn, the Shiuli, a small flower with white petals and orange stalk, blooms in different parts of India. This delicate flower blooms in the dead of night and by morning, drops off the branches. It has a soft, mild fragrance and heralds the biggest Bengali festival, Durga Puja.


14 thoughts on “Humility

  1. Hi Bhaswati,Nice to see you posting once again:) Your posts add to the beauty of the blogging world. I certainly loved reading and looking at this post. Thank you…PS- All well with me 🙂 just too much of work these days.Abhay

  2. Beautiful writing and photographs. Nice. Being a botanist I can appreciate this even more, though I have to admit I’ve never heard of the Shiuli flower.

  3. Thanks, Shameless 🙂 Cesar, how true that is. With just a little attention, we learn so much from the natural world.Bernita, the shiuli smiles back at you. :)Oni, glad to introduce you to this floral gem. Frank, :-)Abhay, So glad to see you drop by. Thanks for the kind words, friend. Paul, I am glad you enjoyed the post. ‘Wish I could find out the flower’s botanical name for you. I searched on the net, but couldn’t find it. Good to see you drop by in any case. 🙂

  4. Happy new year’s, Bhaswati! I see you have not blogged in awhile, but your last post was quite beautiful. May 2008 be a very word-filled year for you. 🙂

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