Project for Red: A Child Without A Voice

Wandering Author is a talented writer and a gentle soul. His blog posts come with introspective insights and reflections. It’s been my good fortune to share his journey and spirit on the blogsphere. Now, WA has come up with a project for which I cannot appreciate him enough. The thoughtful author is calling upon fellow writers to help him compile and publish a book to raise funds for Red, a four-year-old who can’t speak. Red is fellow blogger Anna’s son and suffers from apraxia, a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently.
Enormous thanks for doing this, WA. I hope we can all contribute in little and big ways to help Red find his voice.

9 thoughts on “Project for Red: A Child Without A Voice

  1. (Sorry, Bhaswati – I clicked too fast. I meant to write more.)I visited the site you mentioned and read all about the project. Thank you for sharing this information. Very touching situation. How can we not help a child without a voice? I’ll help spread the word too.

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