Mirror Thy Name

No, that’s not a narcissistic expression. Look carefully, and you will notice it’s an ambigram. If you turned the lettering upside down, it’ll still read my name. The creator is the talented Balaji. His blog of ambigrams says, “Ambigrams are words of symmetry.They look the same when read upside down also.There are many types of ambigrams.I try to make ambigrams that look the same when rotated and ambigrams that read the same even on a mirror.”
Balaji is passionate about creating ambigrams and does them free of cost if you request him. Do check him out.


26 thoughts on “Mirror Thy Name

  1. Thank you for sharing thatI do like Indian, Arabic & Oriental caligraphy, but I think hindu and sanskrit do lend themselves more to ambigrams.So what would your namebe in english?

  2. Isn’t it cool, Matt? Since the time I saw these, I have been fascinated with ambigrams. Quasar, thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂 That’s an interesting observation you make about Hindu and Sanskrit names. Bhaswati is a feminine derivative of Bhaskar, meaning sun. So my name means sunshine or radiance. Go ahead and get your own, Cesar! Would love to see how yours turns out. Bernita, thanks 🙂

  3. I did hear about the Angels and Demons ambigrams, Oni. Would like to see what they look like. Thanks, Kelly! It will be interesting to see what yours looks like.

  4. Thanks, Simran! I can’t wait to see what yours looks like. With a name so beautiful, I am sure the ambigram would be no less pretty :)Thank you, Jason :)Esther, aren’t these interesting?

  5. I just finished reading “Angels & Demons”! Other than the sixth ambigram, I didn’t feel as though the first five couldn’t be all that hard to forge!

  6. We lay serious emphasis on goofing off, Scott 😉 Don’t know if Flood will kill me for this. LOLI really don’t remember how I chanced upon Balaji’s blog. But when I did, I was bowled over. I had no idea what an ambigram was until then.

  7. nice shining ambigrams, just like a sun 😉 yup, ambigrams is such a great art isn’t it 😉 i’m learnin’ how to do it lately 😛

  8. Welcome to my blog, Efendi :)Good for you to be learning the art of ambigram making. Will keep hopping to your blog to check often. By the way, I like the Efendi recipe 😉

  9. Before I read your entry I didn’t even know an ambigram was called an ambigram but I researched it a little bit, I looked at the website you mentioned but I also had a look at the wordplay website which I actually got to by clicking on someone else’s comment. I had a look around and it has some tips on how to go about making your own ambigram: http://www.johnlangdon.net/adviceonambigrams.htmlSo I had a go and I’ve been making my own ambigrams. My favourite is the one I made for Juanita but my own one comes a close second. Anyways, I just thought I’d share.

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