At Home and Beyond

A nice little review of this blog greeted me as I opened my inbox this morning. Helena Jeffrey said in her review at

While surfing through author blogs this one caught my eye simply because of the beautiful blooming sunflower up in the corner. It made me turn my head and look out into my garden and appreciate the amazing colorful flowers blooming so far this summer. The blog in question is the blog of Bhaswati Ghosh, a published non-fiction writer from New Delhi, India.

Bhaswati gives us a taste of another world in her blog as she writes about different culture issues such as Indian culture, Latin American culture and FOOD. Yes, that’s right folks. Food. Seeing the delicious food Bhaswati posted about on June 1st is making my mouth water. For now, I’m off to get some lunch, but I urge you all to check out the blog of Bhaswati called At Home Writing on blogspot.

Thanks for the kind words and the mention, Helena. It’s a moment of joy for At Home, Writing.


13 thoughts on “At Home and Beyond

  1. How exciting,Bhaswati! That’s really cool. What a nice review. Let’s hope it brings you many new visitors. I know I’m glad I found your blog. 🙂

  2. Woohoo, Bhaswati! Isn’t that just the nicest thing to find upon checking your blog? And I agree with Helena Jeffrey completely – you have a wonderful blog and I so enjoy coming here to At Home, Writing. About your delicious food blog, even though I don’t usually leave a comment there, I am always peeking in wondering what scrumptious dishes you are whipping up!Thanks for sharing this wonderful review with us!

  3. Esther, thanks for the kind words and the encouragement. I am glad to have found you as a blog friend, too :)Flood, I liked TeddyG’s neat little blurbs on the Cobwebs site, too. That’s so kind of him to do that. Thank you for your words of appreciation :)Aww, Lotus. Many thanks for your lovely words. They sounded like music to me. Let me tell you, I have an equally good time reading your great blog 🙂

  4. Thank you, Liv’s Life, for dropping by and for the compliment :)I am adding your blog to my links now. Thanks for adding mine to yours.

  5. Ok, I think I’m a little jealous now. Helena did a review of my blog as well. It was a good one but yours was better and well deserved. Congrats! :o)

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