Contest News: The Midnight Road

Jason is back at it. At hosting another great photo-inspired contest, I mean. Head over to The Clarity of Night to see the contest rules and prize details. There are as many as five to be won, so get writing.
The deadline is Midnight, EST, June 28.

7 thoughts on “Contest News: The Midnight Road

  1. I’ve been racking my brain to come up with something clever. It’s hard to write a story when forced to such economy. It’s fun though, and rewarding when inspiration strikes.

  2. Scott, I have no doubt you will produce a clever gem. The word limit remains a challenge for me as well. But that’s what it’s about, no? Good luck to you!Oni, I hope you can participate this time. It’s a great contest, and Jason does it so professionally. I will look forward to reading your entry there. Good luck!

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