It Arrived

Wasn’t it only yesterday when I posted a comment to Bernita’s blog entry on the awaited, coveted call–of acceptance? Bernita talks about the occassions and ways in which she’s reacted to this phenomenon and asked other writers how they would react. I told her I really can’t say since I am yet to hear the call. Well, lady luck must have been evesdropping when we were talking. Just this morning my inbox greeted me with, what else? The call!
Translation of above obscurity:

My submission to Letters to My Mother, an anthology of true letters dedicated to mothers, has been accepted. I received the contract today. How did I react? Well, the heartbeat and pulse rate are still normal, my vocal cords haven’t been injured yet, and no, I didn’t send a large batch of emails to friends. I did post the news on the message board of a writing forum I visit, though.


I am here, sharing the moment with you all 🙂

Post Script: It would be inaccurate to say I didn’t celebrate this news with any measure of oddness. I did clean my computer table with a liquid cleaner, extracting sedimented heaps of dust. The spotless marvel looks barely recognisable to my eyes.


22 thoughts on “It Arrived

  1. A charming coincidence, Bhaswati!Congratulations!Are you sure your heart didn’t beat just a little faster as this acceptance of what I’m sure is a celebration of love, strength and sacrifice?

  2. Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate the support and encouragement of wonderful friends and fellow writers like you :)Susan, I can’t wait to give the book as a surprise gift to my mother. South, many thanks :)Bernita, yes, what a conincidence it was! Trust me, the heartbeat showed no signs of irregularity. The grin has been widening, though.Cesar, thanks for the continued vote of confidence. I count it as a blessing. Yoda, your comments always crack me up. Thanks for the laugh, once again. LOLJason, thanks. Onward and forward. I am now editing a story I plan to submit to another anthology.

  3. Bob, good to see you drop by. Thanks!BS, thanks. You are right; it’s always a moment of joy for a writer when someone appreciates their work. Susan, thanks! I finished the edit last night. I hope I did well.

  4. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. And what a beautiful anthology it will be. I can’t think of anything more precious than a touching tribute to (anyone’s) mother. This book will touch lives of mothers and daughters around the world! 🙂 Wow!

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