Indian Blog Outage

Apparently, the Indian government has asked ISPs to block sites. I can post entries, but can’t view them if I type the actual blog address on my browser. I can still see the blog, though, by taking a detour. More on the government action here, here, and here.


18 thoughts on “Indian Blog Outage

  1. What a bummer! If ISPs block blogs, how are you able to post? Hopefully the government will change their minds and lift the bans. You’ll be missed in the world o’blogging.

  2. Well, well. Apparently, I can still view my blog (through a different channel of course). So much for the government censorship. Ha!Lisa, Yoda, I am just as stunned as you are. This move seems ridiculous to say the least. I just hope they lift the crazy block soon. Thanks for the support.

  3. It is, Scott. And downright silly, too. Flood, the detour is a solution all right, but these proxy channels don’t support all the templates completely. Which is why I can’t view images on my blog. Still, it’s better than nothing. Reports suggest the block will be gone in a day or two. Let’s hope for the best!

  4. OH no! That’s just awful. Are they also blocking MySpace? (just curious since they are the ones usually in the negative limelight)Today is Thursday and I’m curious – was the ban liften?

  5. Hi Esther. No, Myspace didn’t enter the list of govt. banned sites. The govt. apparently asked ISPs to block only certain sites, not entire domains. They are supposed to remove the block soon. I am still waiting…

  6. I am stunned at the action of your government! (Of course, I’m frequently stunned at the actions of MY government, too, but that’s another matter.) I’ve been used to the blockades from predominantly Muslim countries — what’s with India?

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